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Distilled Water

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“Early Death From Drinking Distilled Water”-Oh Really?

…Just What The Doctor Didn’t Order

Why would medical doctors warn that drinking pure clean healthy distilled water result in early death, when the renowned Dr. Charles Mayo, MD & Dr. Andrew Weil, MD drink it regularly? 

Majored in General Medicine- Minored in Con Artist Salesmanship

We are encouraged to buy water from glaciers, from islands in various countries with mineral water, sports drinks, vitamin water, fruit flavored water, filtered water, reverse osmosis, ozonated, alkaline, polarized, depolarized, deionized, and distilled (H2O). So who do we listen to and which water is the healthiest? After 40 years of research on water and its relationship to health, I have discovered that you can’t necessarily trust the self-proclaimed experts.

Doctors or Salesmen?

  • Dr. Joseph Mercola. MD, made the above unbelievably ignorant statement “Early Death Comes From Drinking Distilled Water.” Simply Google “Distilled Water” and you will see this headline on page one.
  • As a consequence, dozens of quasi “health experts” selling their own brand and method of water purification, are now lining up to quote them on the internet, assuming that what these “Medical Experts” are saying is the “gospel truth.” After all, they are, in fact, “Medical Doctors,” right?

The Elusive Butterfly of Health.  

Since Dr. Mercola’s preposterous and irresponsible statement that pure “H2O will kill you,” it is all but impossible to Google “Distilled Water” and find the truth! If a medical doctor can so casually distort and pervert the truth and scientific facts about the second most fundamental element on earth (next to air), which are taught to grade school children, and these revered doctors are knowingly doing so for the purpose of promoting their own water purifier, how, then, can we begin trust their knowledge and decisions on life and death health matters? Simply put, we cannot!

The truth, facts and in-depth medical research around the world reveals that Dr. Mercola, his aforementioned colleagues and all their loyal followers and disciples are blatantly incorrect in their assessment of distilled water and its relationship to health.

I probably would not be quite so zealous about exposing theses professionals if it were not for the fact that they took the Hippocratic Oath which promises us that they will not knowingly betray our trust or place the health of people before their own desires or for personal gain. A promise from the Oath: “I will prescribe regimens for the good of my patients according to my ability and will never do harm to anyone.” With that promise in mind, what are they telling their patients?

  • That the most important element on earth next to air, needed for their survival, pure, healthy distilled H2O,will bring an early death if they drink it?
  • Plus they are espousing this lie in order to promote their own inferior product, which is dishonest, unethical and abhorrent.

They need to be exposed for what they are doing and saying.

What About The Minerals Found In Water?

Doctors Mercola, Airola and Rona and many others teach that our bodies need these water soluble minerals found in most water which has has come into contact with dirt, e.g., well water and run-off. However, it is now well known that most water soluble minerals are inorganic and consequently may cause serious health problems. Mineral water such as that marketed by Perrier, Evian and dozens of others around the world is a multimillion dollar business. Simultaneously, it has fostered controversy in the health and nutritional fields for decades.

The California Department of Consumer Affairs, when carefully surveying the problems with the state’s drinking water systems a few years ago, went on record stating that “Highly mineralized water is associated with the formation of [kidney] stones in the urinary system,”

The Mayo Clinic Supports The Consumption of Distilled Water

The noted medical pioneer Dr. Charles Mayo, MD (Mayo Clinic), has stated that “Water hardness [excessive minerals] is the underlying cause of many, if not all, of the diseases resulting from poisons in the intestinal tract.”

No Ulterior Motives

Dr. Mayo, unlike Dr. Mercola, with his $4000 money-making. highly over-priced alkaline water machine and whole-house filter systems, had no ulterior motive for making a statement that mineral-free water is healthy whereas mineralized water has long term negative effects on the body in addition to the suffering and pain that these types of non-beneficial minerals cause. The fact remains that Dr. Charles Mayo, in addition to every doctor at the world-renowned Mayo Clinic, recommends distilled water to all their patients for its

  • purity;
  • ability to cleanse the body;
  • ability to dissolve and flush impurities, including plaque, kidney and gall stones; and
  • for its superior hydrating properties.

Mineral-free Water Prolongs Life

Years of research by major medical schools and universities have determined that mineral-free drinking water, such as distilled and reverse osmosis can be directly responsible for a healthier and longer life. The Hunzakut people of the Himalayan mountain region are well known for living well over 100 years as a result of drinking exclusively, glacier water, void of minerals, water distilled through the hydrological cycle before the atmosphere was polluted.

Seeking The Truth About Distilled Water?

If you are seeking the healthiest drinking water, don’t ask these “Health Experts” because 95% of them will give you a biased answer, depending on what type of water treatment system they are selling or promoting. Most so-called “Health Experts” like Doctors Mercola, Airola and Rona are sharing fabricated stories about the value of the minerals in water and about the “dangers of drinking distilled water” for the purpose of promoting their own water purification equipment — selling their integrity for monetary gain at the cost of the truth. Of course the majority of them do agree on one thing, that most tap water or municipal water is at best polluted with some measure of harmful substances. Not to mention tap water is the least expensive of all available water and for that reason alone makes it public enemy #1. Let’s see, what would the second biggest threat be? Could it possibly be the cleanest, purest, healthiest, water known to man? Want to learn more about Doctors Mercola, Airola and Rona? Just go to:

What is pH and Does it Matter?

There is only one form of water that can be called H20, because that is exactly what distilled water is–H2O plus nothing. It is the one and only basic natural solvent, and totally neutral on the pH scale at 7. All other elements on earth are rated on this scale of 1 to 14, with 1 to 7 being acidic and from 7 to 14 being base or alkaline. True pure water is 7 on the scale with 0 parts per million (PPM) and is the definition of distilled water.

Could water that is truly water by scientific definition be called healthy? Or does this pure, clean H20 need to have its molecular structure altered by adding other things to it? For example: Is water that is pulled from the ground through wells or pumped from rivers healthier because it has a combination of organic and inorganic minerals in it?

News Flash!

Most all municipal water has organic and inorganic minerals in it along with dozens of unhealthy chemical compounds such as:

  • hydrocarbons
  • fluorocarbons
  • nitrates
  • pesticides
  • herbicides
  • fungicides
  • mercury
  • radioactive material
  • pharmaceuticals, and
  • a potential of some degree or combination of thousands of other chemicals that have been introduced to our environment over the past 35 years since testing for and of priority pollutants ceased.How is Reverse Osmosis Different from Distilled Water?

This question is for all of those “Health Experts” that have made the claim that distilled water is unhealthy because all the minerals “we need” have been removed…so what else was removed? Are the so-called “needed minerals” removed through the distillation process any concern at all, compared to the chemicals and carcinogens also eliminated in the distillation process, producing pure clean healthy H2O? Of course not! To say so, would be utterly absurd, to put it kindly. Do you now see how irrelevant their statement is regarding the dangers of consuming mineral-free water when the distillation process is removing dangerous chemicals and carcinogens, regardless of whether the minerals are organic or not? They should never have quoted other ignorant authors, with ulterior motives of personal gain or used the statements made by those others who have never studied the facts and science regarding soluble minerals. In addition, R.O. water is close to 0-PPM and contains 0 minerals and is used by millions of people around the world. So why are they not saying R.O. shouldn’t be consumed on a regular basis for the same reasons as distilled water?

To make matters worse, they further revealed their lack of knowledge by assuming, and stating that the minerals that were removed along with all the other chemicals and carcinogens were needed by the body. Wrong again!

Don’t We Need the Minerals in Water?

Our bodies need trace minerals — organic mineral, not inorganic minerals (suspended dirt). Inorganic mineral contributes to gall stones, kidney stones and plaque build-up in our bodies. Any truly educated scientist and nutritionist knows we get our minerals from food, not water! Besides, it is absolutely impossible to remove all of the harmful unhealthy things in water and leave just the beneficial ones!

Problem Solved

Doesn’t it make sense to use the best purification process by

  • taking everything out of the water so it is as clean and pure and healthy as possible; and
  • getting our minerals from where we were meant to, i.e., meat, fish, vegetables, fruits, nuts etc?

Of course! Distilled, pure, clean healthy distilled water alias “H20 plus nothing”! Water Alert- Notice that everyone that maligns distilled water is making a living selling some kind of water purifier.

Alkaline Water is a hoax — Save your money” Dr. Andrew Weill, MD

The biggest health water hoax and the most expensive also has a multi-level “Get Rich Quick” scheme marketing plan. Their mantra is:”Change your water — change your life” They have a machine that produces “Alkaline” water- “Miracle-Healing” water. They make scores of claims and base all of them on personal testimonies while downplaying all the money they are raking in from ignorant, gullible people with infirmities and sicknesses… acid reflux, arthritis, backaches, muscle cramps, male dysfunctions, female whatevers- you name it, this will fix it!

Another news flash! Ask a Fifth Grader

Ask a fifth grader what happens when you swallow your precious alkaline water. Okay, never mind , I’ll tell you. Your stomach lining has special cells that produce acid for digesting food… did you catch that? “Acid.” What happens to an alkaline substance when it contacts acid? It’s neutralized! No longer alkaline!

Alkaline Water People”  love sharing their cute little bedtime story about the big evil glass of pure distilled water coming into contact with the air and sucking all the carbon dioxide out of the room, making the once clean, pure, healthy, 0-PPM, pH of 7 distilled H2O plus nothing, evil and acidity so that it will then melt and leach all the wonderful sweet, loving minerals from the body! “Bad, Bad Bad Distilled Water!” “Good, Good, Good Alkaline Water” that is produced by the fancy space age new-fangled, state of the art, nothing like it, $4,000.00 Miracle Machine (that cost only $200 to manufacture!)

Alkali Plus Acid= Neutral

Guess what happens to that naughty, evil unhealthy alleged “acidic distilled water” when it hits the stomach? Nothing, that’s what, because the stomach is already acidic! Huh?! It becomes just what it is supposed to be , pure, clean, healthy distilled water, ready to do it’s job of supplying water for blood, lymph, digestive juices, lubricants, supplying nutrients to cells, tissues and organs and carrying away waist material for elimination. So what does the expensively produced alkaline water do that is now just like the distilled water, “Acidic”? The same as the distilled, regardless of all the phony healing claims and hype. It is not as pure as distilled water but at least it has one thing going for it, it is better than tap water! LOL

40 years Drinking Distilled Water

If you are one of those people I described in this article, I guess I was a little hard on you and probably should apologize for my bluntness… but I’m not going to stop lying about distilled water and start drinking it! “Change your life- change your water to distilled.” I personally have been drinking distilled water everyday for 40 years (since I was 25). I just finished a 40 day fast of just 1-1/2 gallons of water per day. I have not been sick for many, many years- no colds, sore throats, flus, not even a headache. I don’t take medicine, not even an aspirin, nor do I need a doctor’s care. I have been drinking close to a gallon of distilled water daily for 40 years. So tell me “experts,” if it is true that “Early death comes from drinking distilled water” then why after 40 years of drinking distilled water and fasting on nothing but distilled water and drinking 14,600 gallons of pure, healthy distilled water (“H2O plus nothing”) I’m still kicking? By the way, last week, after completing another 40 day fast on distilled water, my physician at the LaJolla Medical Center gave me a bill of “excellent health” at the age of 65.


What’s in Your Water?

Not only were my blood test results excellent, I was told I had the heart of a 25-year old. Prior to my fast, my doctor:


  • admitted knowing nothing about fasting and its relationship to health, nor of the effects of the daily consumption of distilled water and its relationship to health;
  • was shocked to hear what was in the San Diego municipal water supply since her entire family has been drinking tap water for years!
  • After a complete blood work and checking vitals during the 40 day fast, she has become a believer in fasting and distilled water for health. Following my last exam, she requested a copy of my book.

I guess “A man with an experience is not at the mercy of a man or a woman with an argument!”

Learn about the origin of the first bottled-water vending machine- Bill’s IGA grocery store in Brooklyn, Michigan in 1976 and “Crystal Chilled Distilled” (Fruit-flavored distilled water)

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